Czech Republic - 1. Division


Bohemians 1905


Slovan Liberec




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 24th November 2017
Time 20:15 CET
Venue nameDolicek Stadion
87'   out Dominik Masek
87'   in Benjamin Tetteh
81'   out Rudolf Reiter
81'   in Siim Luts
76'   in Radek Voltr
76'   out Matej Pulkrab
67'   in Milan Kerbr
67'   out Milos Bosancic
66'   out Jakub Necas
66'   in Evgeni Kabayev
46'   in Daniel Bartl
46'   out Martin Graiciar

Goalkeeper: Tomas Frystak

Defence: Daniel Krch
Defence: Martin Dostal
Defence: Milan Kocic
Defence: Michal Smid

Midfield: Antonin Vanicek
Midfield: Dominik Masek
Midfield: Rudolf Reiter
Midfield: Martin Hasek
Midfield: Josef Jindrisek

Forward: Jakub Necas

Substitute player: Evgeni Kabayev
Substitute player: Benjamin Tetteh
Substitute player: David Bartek
Substitute player: Lukas Hulka
Substitute player: Siim Luts
Substitute player: Viktor Budinsky
Substitute player: Milan Jirasek

Coach: Martin Hasek
Goalkeeper: Ondrej Kolar

Defence: Ondrej Karafiat
Defence: Ondrej Kudela
Defence: Jan Mikula

Midfield: Radim Breite
Midfield: Jiri Kulhanek
Midfield: Vladimir Coufal
Midfield: Roman Potocny
Midfield: Milos Bosancic

Forward: Martin Graiciar
Forward: Matej Pulkrab

Substitute player: Jan Blazek
Substitute player: Radek Voltr
Substitute player: Milan Kerbr
Substitute player: Daniel Bartl
Substitute player: Petr Sevcik
Substitute player: Zdenek Folprecht
Substitute player: Vaclav Hladky

Coach: Jindrich Trpisovsky
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Bohemians 1905Slovan Liberec
LOST in last 1 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT WON in last 2 1. Division's games.NOT LOST in last 3 1. Division's games.

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7.League position4.
  6pts.Last five games  10pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

4 on Slovan Liberec

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
24th Nov 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionBohemians 1905 : Slovan Liberec 0:0
01st May 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSlovan Liberec : Bohemians 1905 4:1
30th Oct 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionBohemians 1905 : Slovan Liberec 2:1
02nd Apr 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionBohemians 1905 : Slovan Liberec 0:1
04th Oct 15 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSlovan Liberec : Bohemians 1905 3:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Viktoria Plzen16151034:546
2Sigma Olomouc1695223:1032
3Slavia Prague1695227:732
4Slovan Liberec1693424:1630
5Sparta Prague1684421:1228
7Bohemians 19051657415:1422
10Dukla Praha1654718:2919
11Mlada Boleslav1652919:2917
12FC Zbrojovka Brno1643912:2315
15Banik Ostrava1625921:3211
16Vysocina Jihlava16311215:3210
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Viktoria Plzen880018:224
2Slavia Prague870119:321
3Sigma Olomouc862013:220
4Sparta Prague861114:419
6Dukla Praha852113:617
7Slovan Liberec852113:717
11Bohemians 190583417:513
12FC Zbrojovka Brno83328:712
13Vysocina Jihlava831411:1310
15Banik Ostrava715110:108
16Mlada Boleslav82159:137
1Viktoria Plzen871016:322
2Slovan Liberec841311:913
3Sigma Olomouc833210:812
4Slavia Prague82518:411
5Mlada Boleslav831410:1610
6Sparta Prague82337:89
7Bohemians 190582338:99
10Banik Ostrava910811:223
13FC Zbrojovka Brno81074:163
14Dukla Praha80265:232
16Vysocina Jihlava80084:190

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Viktoria Plzen541010:213
2Sparta Prague53119:510
3Slovan Liberec53118:510
4Slavia Prague531111:310
5Sigma Olomouc53115:210
6FC Zbrojovka Brno52214:28
7Dukla Praha52127:107
10Mlada Boleslav52035:106
12Bohemians 190551314:46
14Banik Ostrava51046:93
16Vysocina Jihlava51045:83

1Viktoria Plzen550010:215
2Slovan Liberec541011:313
3Sigma Olomouc54107:013
4Sparta Prague540110:312
5Slavia Prague540112:312
9Dukla Praha52218:68
11FC Zbrojovka Brno52215:48
12Mlada Boleslav52128:77
13Banik Ostrava51317:76
14Vysocina Jihlava52037:96
15Bohemians 190551314:46
1Viktoria Plzen541010:213
2Slavia Prague52217:38
3Sigma Olomouc52218:68
4Slovan Liberec52126:77
5Bohemians 190552127:67
6Mlada Boleslav52038:116
7Sparta Prague51225:55
11FC Zbrojovka Brno51043:83
14Dukla Praha50142:141
15Banik Ostrava50056:110
16Vysocina Jihlava50053:120

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