Belarus - Premier Division


Belshina Bobruisk



halftime (0:0)
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Date Sunday 4th September 2011
Time 16:00 CEST
Venue nameSpartak Stadion, Babruisk
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Belshina BobruiskGomel
WON in last 1 Premier Division's games.LOST in last 1 Premier Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Premier Division's games.

5.League position3.
  10pts.Last five games  8pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

2 on Gomel

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
11th Jul 15 Belarus - Premier LeagueBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 3:1
10th Apr 15 Belarus - Premier LeagueGomel : Belshina Bobruisk 2:0
11th Jun 14 Belarus - Premier LeagueBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 1:2
30th Mar 14 Belarus - Premier LeagueGomel : Belshina Bobruisk 3:1
03rd Aug 13 Belarus - Premier DivisionGomel : Belshina Bobruisk 1:3
12th May 13 Belarus - Premier DivisionBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 1:1
25th Nov 12 Belarus - Premier DivisionBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 3:1
14th Oct 12 Belarus - Premier DivisionBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 1:1
03rd May 12 Belarus - Premier DivisionGomel : Belshina Bobruisk 1:0
11th Sep 11 Belarus - Premier DivisionBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 0:0
04th Sep 11 Belarus - Premier DivisionBelshina Bobruisk : Gomel 1:0
07th May 11 Belarus - Premier DivisionGomel : Belshina Bobruisk 3:1
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Belshina Bobruisk
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1BATE Borisov331812353:2066
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk331710646:2461
4Dinamo Minsk331471250:4349
5Belshina Bobruisk331212941:3548
6Torpedo Zhodino339141037:4141
7Naftan Novopolotsk331071635:4537
8Neman Grodno338131233:4537
9FC Minsk338111433:4035
10Dinamo Brest338111438:4635
11FK Vitebsk33881729:4632
12Dnepr Mogilev336141329:5132
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2BATE Borisov1797131:1434
3Shakhtyor Soligorsk1695223:832
4Belshina Bobruisk1749420:2021
5Dinamo Minsk1663723:2121
6Torpedo Zhodino1647519:2419
7Dinamo Brest1654723:2319
8FK Vitebsk17521013:2217
9Dnepr Mogilev1637611:1816
10FC Minsk1736813:2115
11Naftan Novopolotsk1636718:2315
12Neman Grodno1736816:2215
1BATE Borisov1695222:632
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk1785423:1629
3Dinamo Minsk1784527:2228
4Belshina Bobruisk1683521:1527
5Torpedo Zhodino1757518:1722
6Naftan Novopolotsk1771917:2222
7Neman Grodno1657417:2322
8FC Minsk1655620:1920
9Dnepr Mogilev1737718:3316
10Dinamo Brest1737715:2316
12FK Vitebsk1636716:2415

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Shakhtyor Soligorsk540112:412
2Dnepr Mogilev53205:211
3Belshina Bobruisk53116:310
4BATE Borisov52219:78
6Torpedo Zhodino52128:87
7Neman Grodno51315:56
8Dinamo Minsk520310:126
9FC Minsk51225:65
10FK Vitebsk51135:84
11Naftan Novopolotsk51044:93
12Dinamo Brest50232:62

2Shakhtyor Soligorsk53206:011
3Dinamo Minsk530212:109
4BATE Borisov52219:68
5Dnepr Mogilev52122:67
6Torpedo Zhodino51227:85
7Dinamo Brest51225:55
8Belshina Bobruisk51224:65
9Neman Grodno51224:55
10FK Vitebsk51134:94
11Naftan Novopolotsk51135:94
12FC Minsk50321:43
1Belshina Bobruisk54109:113
2Shakhtyor Soligorsk531112:510
3BATE Borisov52305:29
4Neman Grodno52216:78
5Dinamo Minsk52218:68
6Dinamo Brest52125:47
7FC Minsk52037:76
9Torpedo Zhodino51224:55
10Dnepr Mogilev51225:85
11Naftan Novopolotsk51042:73
12FK Vitebsk50233:82