Austria - Erste Liga


BW Linz


Kapfenberger SV

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 9th September 2016
Time 18:30 CEST
Venue nameLinzer Stadion
82'   out Felix Huspek
82'   in Jakob Kreuzer
82'   Sergi Arimany
77'   in Sergi Arimany
77'   out Jorge Elias
68'   out Darijo Pecirep
68'   in Edin Bahtic
68'   out Patrick Schagerl
68'   in Christian Falk
59'   out Florian Flecker
59'   in Makhmadnaim Sharifi

Goalkeeper: Christoph Binder

Defence: Lukas Gabriel
Defence: Florian Maier
Defence: Daniel Kerschbaumer
Defence: Felix Huspek

Midfield: Rene Renner
Midfield: Sinisa Markovic
Midfield: Thomas Goiginger
Midfield: Florian Krennmayr
Midfield: Thomas Hinum

Forward: Darijo Pecirep

Substitute player: Jakob Kreuzer
Substitute player: Stefan Haudum
Substitute player: Thomas Jackel
Substitute player: Christian Falk
Substitute player: Fabian Schnabel
Substitute player: Hidajet Hankic
Substitute player: Tobias Pellegrini
Goalkeeper: Christoph Nicht

Defence: Manuel Haas
Defence: Nemanja Lakic-Pesic
Defence: Stefan Meusburger
Defence: Rene Pascal Seebacher

Midfield: Maximilian Ritscher
Midfield: Patrick Schagerl
Midfield: David Sencar

Forward: Joao Victor
Forward: Jorge Elias
Forward: Florian Flecker

Substitute player: Christian Petrovcic
Substitute player: Sergi Arimany
Substitute player: Dominik Frieser
Substitute player: Makhmadnaim Sharifi
Substitute player: Edin Bahtic
Substitute player: Tomi Petrovic
Substitute player: Dennis Nieblas
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BW LinzKapfenberger SV
LOST in last 1 Erste Liga's games.LOST in last 2 Erste Liga's games.
NOT WON in last 7 Erste Liga's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Erste Liga's games.

10.League position4.
  4pts.Last five games  4pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

10 on Kapfenberger SV

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
04th Nov 16 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : BW Linz 2:2
09th Sep 16 Austria - Erste LigaBW Linz : Kapfenberger SV 0:1
30th Apr 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaBW Linz : Kapfenberger SV 1:1
08th Mar 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : BW Linz 1:0
19th Oct 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaBW Linz : Kapfenberger SV 0:3
06th Aug 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : BW Linz 2:2
24th Sep 02 Austria - OeFB Samsung CupBW Linz : Kapfenberger SV 3:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1LASK Linz20124445:2840
2FC Liefering20107339:2437
3Austria Lustenau20106440:2836
4Kapfenberger SV2093826:2630
5FC Wacker Innsbruck2077628:2728
6Wiener Neustadt2083927:3327
8SV Horn20541123:3119
9Floridsdorfer AC20451121:3017
10BW Linz2029915:2715
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1LASK Linz1073024:924
2FC Liefering1062219:1220
3FC Wacker Innsbruck1053213:1018
4Kapfenberger SV1152415:1317
5Austria Lustenau1135317:1614
7Wiener Neustadt1041514:2013
8SV Horn940513:1612
9Floridsdorfer AC932413:1711
10BW Linz102537:911
1Austria Lustenau971123:1222
2FC Liefering1045120:1217
3LASK Linz1051421:1916
4Wiener Neustadt1042413:1314
5Kapfenberger SV941411:1313
6FC Wacker Innsbruck1024415:1710
8SV Horn1114610:157
9Floridsdorfer AC111378:136
10BW Linz100468:184

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1LASK Linz550016:415
2FC Wacker Innsbruck52308:59
3Austria Lustenau530214:129
4SV Horn52217:78
5FC Liefering51316:76
6Wiener Neustadt51226:55
8Kapfenberger SV51135:114
9BW Linz50414:84
10Floridsdorfer AC50142:61

1FC Wacker Innsbruck53206:311
2LASK Linz532013:611
3Wiener Neustadt53119:710
5BW Linz52304:19
6SV Horn52038:116
7Austria Lustenau51227:95
8Floridsdorfer AC51226:95
9FC Liefering51228:95
10Kapfenberger SV51134:94
1Austria Lustenau540114:912
2FC Wacker Innsbruck522110:88
3FC Liefering522110:68
4LASK Linz520311:106
5SV Horn51225:65
6Wiener Neustadt51227:75
7Kapfenberger SV51135:94
8BW Linz50325:103
10Floridsdorfer AC50142:61