Serbia - Super Liga


BSK Borca


Rad Beograd

halftime (0:0)
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Date Wednesday 25th May 2011
Time 17:00 CEST
67'   Nemanja Kojic
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BSK BorcaRad Beograd
WON in last 1 Super Liga's games.DRAW in last 1 Super Liga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Super Liga's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Super Liga's games.

11.League position4.
  4pts.Last five games  7pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

4 on Rad Beograd

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
30th Mar 13 Serbia - Super LigaBSK Borca : Rad Beograd 1:0
15th Sep 12 Serbia - Super LigaRad Beograd : BSK Borca 3:0
29th Apr 12 Serbia - Super LigaBSK Borca : Rad Beograd 1:0
20th Nov 11 Serbia - Super LigaRad Beograd : BSK Borca 1:1
25th May 11 Serbia - Super LigaBSK Borca : Rad Beograd 0:1
28th Nov 10 Serbia - Super LigaRad Beograd : BSK Borca 5:0
21st Apr 10 Serbia - Super LigaRad Beograd : BSK Borca 2:0
31st Oct 09 Serbia - Super LigaBSK Borca : Rad Beograd 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Partizan Beograd30244275:2176
2Red Star Beograd30224452:1870
4Rad Beograd301410638:2152
5FK Spartak Subotica301110934:2743
6FK Sloboda Uzice301271134:3543
7OFK Beograd301261227:2642
9Borac Cacak308121022:3136
10FC Smederevo308111124:3135
11BSK Borca30891323:3733
13Hajduk K.30781525:3729
14FK Metalac30851721:3829
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Partizan Beograd15131142:940
2Red Star Beograd15122134:1138
4Rad Beograd1594226:931
5OFK Beograd1592417:929
6FK Sloboda Uzice1574417:1125
8FK Spartak Subotica1573525:1824
9FC Smederevo1558211:923
10BSK Borca1564514:1222
11Borac Cacak1557313:1022
12Hajduk K.1562716:1720
14FK Metalac1554614:1619
1Partizan Beograd15113133:1236
2Red Star Beograd15102318:732
4Rad Beograd1556412:1221
5FK Spartak Subotica154749:919
6FK Sloboda Uzice1553717:2418
9Borac Cacak153579:2114
10OFK Beograd1534810:1713
11FC Smederevo1533913:2212
12BSK Borca152589:2511
13FK Metalac1531117:2210
14Hajduk K.151689:209

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Hajduk K.53207:211
2Partizan Beograd532012:311
3FK Metalac53116:510
4FK Sloboda Uzice53026:49
5OFK Beograd52215:18
6Red Star Beograd52216:58
8Borac Cacak52216:58
9FK Spartak Subotica52128:87
10Rad Beograd52125:67
14BSK Borca51133:74
16FC Smederevo50141:61

1Hajduk K.55009:115
2OFK Beograd54108:113
3Red Star Beograd541016:513
4Partizan Beograd540111:112
8FK Metalac53116:310
9FK Spartak Subotica530210:89
10FK Sloboda Uzice53026:39
11Borac Cacak52215:48
12Rad Beograd52216:58
13BSK Borca52127:37
14FC Smederevo52123:57
1Partizan Beograd532010:411
3Red Star Beograd52123:37
4Borac Cacak52125:67
6FK Metalac52034:56
7FK Sloboda Uzice52035:106
9Rad Beograd51223:55
10BSK Borca51133:84
12FK Spartak Subotica50234:72
13Hajduk K.50233:72
14OFK Beograd50141:71
16FC Smederevo50052:90