Faroe Islands - Effodeildin


B36 Torshavn


FC Suduroy

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Date Saturday 24th March 2012
Time 17:00 CET
Venue nameGundadalur Stadium
Coach: Hedin Askham
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B36 TorshavnFC Suduroy
DRAW in last 2 Effodeildin's games.LOST in last 4 Effodeildin's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Effodeildin's games.NOT DRAW in last 16 Effodeildin's games.

6.League position10.
  8pts.Last five games  3pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.
»Head to Head matches
15th Sep 12 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinB36 Torshavn : FC Suduroy 3:1
05th Aug 12 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinFC Suduroy : B36 Torshavn 0:2
24th Mar 12 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinB36 Torshavn : FC Suduroy 1:0
25th Aug 10 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinB36 Torshavn : FC Suduroy 1:0
22nd Aug 10 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinFC Suduroy : B36 Torshavn 2:1
09th May 10 Faroe Islands - EffodeildinFC Suduroy : B36 Torshavn 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
3HB Tórshavn27136856:3445
6B36 Torshavn27108942:3638
7NSI Runavik27941438:4231
8TB Tvoeroyri27591330:5024
9B68 Toftir27661523:4324
10FC Suduroy27232216:789
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

2HB Tórshavn1382334:1326
6B36 Torshavn1463523:1921
7NSI Runavik1462617:1520
8TB Tvoeroyri1342718:2914
9B68 Toftir1325612:1811
10FC Suduroy132297:298
4HB Tórshavn1454522:2119
6B36 Torshavn1345419:1717
7B68 Toftir1441911:2513
8NSI Runavik1332821:2711
9TB Tvoeroyri1417612:2110
10FC Suduroy1401139:491

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
3HB Tórshavn531111:310
4B36 Torshavn52219:98
7TB Tvoeroyri51226:105
8NSI Runavik51135:74
9B68 Toftir51135:84
10FC Suduroy51045:193

1HB Tórshavn541013:213
4NSI Runavik53118:210
7B36 Torshavn52126:87
8FC Suduroy52034:116
9B68 Toftir50233:72
10TB Tvoeroyri50235:142
3B36 Torshavn52216:58
5HB Tórshavn52128:67
7TB Tvoeroyri51135:84
8B68 Toftir51045:103
9NSI Runavik50146:141
10FC Suduroy50056:220