Austria - tipp3-Bundesliga


Austria Wien



halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Sunday 13th May 2012
Time 16:00 CEST
Venue nameFranz Horr Stadion
86'   out Roland Linz
86'   in Dario Tadic
84'   in Martin Rodler
84'   out Manuel Seidl
80'   in Michael Moerz
80'   out Alois Holler
69'   in Thorsten Rocher
69'   out Ilco Naumoski
68'   out Florian Mader
68'   in Emir Dilaver
62'   Tomas Simkovic
46'   in Tomas Simkovic
46'   out Michael Liendl
18'   Ilco Naumoski
6'   Ivan Parlov

Goalkeeper: Heinz Lindner

Defence: Florian Klein
Defence: Georg Margreitter
Defence: Markus Suttner
Defence: Manuel Ortlechner

Midfield: Florian Mader
Midfield: Michael Liendl
Midfield: Tomas Jun
Midfield: Marko Stankovic
Midfield: Alexander Gorgon

Forward: Roland Linz

Substitute player: Kaja Rogulj
Substitute player: Dario Tadic
Substitute player: Ivan Kardum
Substitute player: Peter Hlinka
Substitute player: Martin Harrer
Substitute player: Tomas Simkovic
Substitute player: Emir Dilaver

Coach: Ivica Vastic
Goalkeeper: Thomas Borenitsch

Defence: Nedeljko Malic
Defence: Patrick Farkas
Defence: Stefan Ilsanker
Defence: Adnan Mravac

Midfield: Ivan Parlov
Midfield: Alois Holler
Midfield: Marvin Potzmann
Midfield: Manuel Seidl

Forward: Patrick Buerger
Forward: Ilco Naumoski

Substitute player: Martin Rodler
Substitute player: Thorsten Rocher
Substitute player: Markus Boecskoer
Substitute player: Robert Waltner
Substitute player: Michael Moerz
Substitute player: Ronald Spuller
Substitute player: Peter Hawlik

Coach: Franz Lederer
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Austria WienMattersburg
LOST in last 1 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.WON in last 1 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.

4.League position8.
  9pts.Last five games  6pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

4 on Austria Wien

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
23rd Apr 16 Austria - BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 0:9
20th Feb 16 Austria - BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 2:2
01st Nov 15 Austria - BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 1:2
15th Aug 15 Austria - BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 5:1
22nd May 13 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 4:0
17th Mar 13 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 0:4
24th Nov 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 3:1
16th Sep 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 2:4
13th May 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 1:0
20th Mar 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 2:0
03rd Dec 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 0:0
18th Sep 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 2:4
16th Apr 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 0:1
11th Dec 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 1:2
17th Oct 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 0:3
18th Jul 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 2:0
25th Apr 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 5:1
26th Feb 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 1:1
04th Oct 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaAustria Wien : Mattersburg 1:0
26th Sep 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Austria Wien 1:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Rapid Wien361614652:3062
3Admira Moedling3615101159:5255
4Austria Wien3614121052:4454
5Sturm Graz361215947:4151
7FC Wacker Innsbruck3610151136:4545
9Wiener Neustadt366151526:5133
10Kapfenberger SV36582321:6423
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

2Sturm Graz18115230:1438
3Admira Moedling18105334:2635
4Rapid Wien1897228:1534
5Austria Wien1897232:1834
7FC Wacker Innsbruck1876522:2427
9Kapfenberger SV1846815:2118
10Wiener Neustadt18212412:1818
2Rapid Wien1877424:1528
3Admira Moedling1855825:2620
5Austria Wien1855820:2620
7FC Wacker Innsbruck1839614:2118
8Wiener Neustadt18431114:3315
9Sturm Graz18110717:2713
10Kapfenberger SV1812156:435

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Rapid Wien54018:312
3Admira Moedling531111:610
4Austria Wien530210:79
5Sturm Graz52216:68
8FC Wacker Innsbruck50235:132
9Wiener Neustadt50235:142
10Kapfenberger SV50141:81

2Austria Wien53208:211
3Rapid Wien53118:310
4FC Wacker Innsbruck531110:810
5Sturm Graz52217:78
6Admira Moedling51317:106
8Kapfenberger SV51224:65
10Wiener Neustadt50322:93
1Rapid Wien541010:213
2Admira Moedling540112:612
4Sturm Graz51405:37
7Austria Wien51044:93
8FC Wacker Innsbruck50232:92
9Kapfenberger SV50141:81
10Wiener Neustadt50145:111