Austria - Erste Liga


Austria Lustenau


Kapfenberger SV

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 12th August 2016
Time 18:30 CEST
Venue nameReichshofstadion
90'   in Patrick Schagerl
90'   out Florian Flecker
85'   in Dennis Nieblas
85'   out Jorge Elias
83'   Joao Victor
71'   out Ilkay Durmus
71'   in Severiano Alves Jailson
68'   Raphael Dwamena
68'   in Valentin Grubeck
68'   out Marco Stark
67'   Stefan Meusburger
53'   in Marco Krainz
53'   out Pius Grabher
49'   Jorge Elias
45'   out Dominik Frieser
45'   in Sergi Arimany

Goalkeeper: Christopher Knett

Defence: Christoph Stueckler
Defence: Peter Haring
Defence: Philip Roller
Defence: Alexander Joppich

Midfield: Marco Stark
Midfield: Julian Wiessmeier
Midfield: Jodel Dossou
Midfield: Pius Grabher
Midfield: Ilkay Durmus

Forward: Raphael Dwamena

Substitute player: Severiano Alves Jailson
Substitute player: Stefan Bergmeister
Substitute player: Valentin Grubeck
Substitute player: Benjamin Kaufmann
Substitute player: Nicolas Mohr
Substitute player: Marco Krainz
Substitute player: Mario Bolter
Goalkeeper: Christoph Nicht

Defence: Nemanja Lakic-Pesic
Defence: Rene Pascal Seebacher
Defence: Manuel Haas
Defence: Stefan Meusburger

Midfield: Maximilian Ritscher
Midfield: Dominik Frieser
Midfield: David Sencar

Forward: Jorge Elias
Forward: Joao Victor
Forward: Florian Flecker

Substitute player: Tomi Petrovic
Substitute player: Sergi Arimany
Substitute player: Sebastian Feyrer
Substitute player: Daniel Geissler
Substitute player: Patrick Schagerl
Substitute player: Christian Petrovcic
Substitute player: Dennis Nieblas
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Austria LustenauKapfenberger SV
DRAW in last 1 Erste Liga's games.LOST in last 1 Erste Liga's games.
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3.League position6.
  7pts.Last five games  4pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.
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11th Aug 17 Austria - Erste LigaAustria Lustenau : Kapfenberger SV 1:2
28th Apr 17 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Austria Lustenau 2:3
03rd Mar 17 Austria - Erste LigaAustria Lustenau : Kapfenberger SV 0:0
14th Oct 16 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Austria Lustenau 0:1
12th Aug 16 Austria - Erste LigaAustria Lustenau : Kapfenberger SV 1:3
22nd Apr 16 Austria - Erste LigaAustria Lustenau : Kapfenberger SV 2:2
26th Feb 16 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Austria Lustenau 2:4
25th Sep 15 Austria - Erste LigaAustria Lustenau : Kapfenberger SV 1:2
31st Jul 15 Austria - Erste LigaKapfenberger SV : Austria Lustenau 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2FC Liefering361791058:4960
3Austria Lustenau361512958:4957
4FC Wacker Innsbruck361591258:5354
6Kapfenberger SV361291547:5741
7BW Linz368151341:4539
8Wiener Neustadt361161940:6239
9Floridsdorfer AC361081839:4838
10SV Horn36962142:5733
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2FC Liefering1893629:2730
3FC Wacker Innsbruck1885526:2229
5Austria Lustenau1868426:2326
6Kapfenberger SV1874725:2625
7Wiener Neustadt1873824:3124
8BW Linz1849516:1721
9Floridsdorfer AC18621023:3220
10SV Horn18601222:3118
2Austria Lustenau1894532:2631
3FC Liefering1886429:2230
4FC Wacker Innsbruck1874732:3125
6Kapfenberger SV1855822:3120
7Floridsdorfer AC1846816:1618
8BW Linz1846825:2818
9SV Horn1836920:2615
10Wiener Neustadt18431116:3115

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Floridsdorfer AC532010:311
3FC Wacker Innsbruck530211:79
5Austria Lustenau52128:117
6FC Liefering52129:77
7BW Linz51227:65
8Kapfenberger SV51136:134
9Wiener Neustadt51044:103
10SV Horn50054:130

2Wiener Neustadt53119:510
3FC Wacker Innsbruck522112:98
4Austria Lustenau52217:78
6Floridsdorfer AC52037:86
7FC Liefering52038:116
8Kapfenberger SV51136:104
9BW Linz50323:73
10SV Horn50054:100
1FC Wacker Innsbruck540113:712
3FC Liefering53117:310
5Floridsdorfer AC52305:29
6Austria Lustenau52128:117
7BW Linz512210:95
8SV Horn51137:104
9Kapfenberger SV50237:142
10Wiener Neustadt50143:101