Australia NPL Youth Western 2017 Australia | NPL Youth Western | 2017

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
25 Feb2ECU Joondalup U20Armadale U20
25 Feb2Perth Glory U20Floreat Athena U20
25 Feb2Bayswater City U20Subiaco U20
25 Feb2Stirling Lions U20Perth U20
25 Feb2Cockburn City U20Balcatta U20
26 Feb2Inglewood United U20Sorrento U20
26 Feb2Joondalup United U20Mandurah City U20
3 Mar3Perth Glory U20Joondalup United U20
4 Mar3ECU Joondalup U20Stirling Lions U20
4 Mar3Sorrento U20Mandurah City U20
4 Mar3Inglewood United U20Subiaco U20
4 Mar3Armadale U20Balcatta U20
4 Mar3Cockburn City U20Bayswater City U20

There have to be at least four rounds played to make predictions.
All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Perth U2011006:03
2ECU Joondalup U2011002:03
3Bayswater City U2011004:33
4Armadale U2011003:23
5Cockburn City U2011003:23
6Stirling Lions U2011003:23
7Balcatta U2010102:21
8Sorrento U2010102:21
9Inglewood United U2010013:40
10Floreat Athena U2010012:30
11Perth Glory U2010012:30
12Subiaco U2010012:30
13Joondalup United U2010010:20
14Mandurah City U2010010:60

1Armadale U2011003:23
2Cockburn City U2011003:23
3Perth U2011006:03
4Sorrento U2010102:21
5Mandurah City U2000000:00
6Joondalup United U2010010:20
7Perth Glory U2000000:00
8Floreat Athena U2010012:30
9Inglewood United U2010013:40
10Subiaco U2000000:00
11Bayswater City U2000000:00
12ECU Joondalup U2000000:00
13Balcatta U2000000:00
14Stirling Lions U2000000:00
1Bayswater City U2011004:33
2ECU Joondalup U2011002:03
3Stirling Lions U2011003:23
4Balcatta U2010102:21
5Mandurah City U2010010:60
6Joondalup United U2000000:00
7Perth Glory U2010012:30
8Floreat Athena U2000000:00
9Armadale U2000000:00
10Inglewood United U2000000:00
11Subiaco U2010012:30
12Cockburn City U2000000:00
13Sorrento U2000000:00
14Perth U2000000:00

Latest results

dateround home team away team
19 Feb1FTJoondalup United U200:2ECU Joondalup U20More details about  -  soccer game
19 Feb1FTInglewood United U203:4Bayswater City U20More details about  -  soccer game
18 Feb1FTArmadale U203:2Perth Glory U20More details about  -  soccer game
18 Feb1FTCockburn City U203:2Subiaco U20More details about  -  soccer game
18 Feb1FTPerth U206:0Mandurah City U20More details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb1FTFloreat Athena U202:3Stirling Lions U20More details about  -  soccer game
17 Feb1FTSorrento U202:2Balcatta U20More details about  -  soccer game

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Inglewood United U20100100100707
2Bayswater City U20100100100077
3Perth U20100100100606
4Mandurah City U20100100100066
5Cockburn City U20100100100505
6Subiaco U20100100100055
7Perth Glory U20100100100055
8Floreat Athena U20100100100505
9Armadale U20100100100505
10Stirling Lions U20100100100055
11Balcatta U20100100100044
12Sorrento U20100100100404
13ECU Joondalup U2010000022
14Joondalup United U2010000202

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.