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Arsenal Reserves


Fulham Reserves

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Date Monday 7th November 2011
Time 14:30 CET
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Arsenal ReservesFulham Reserves
LOST in last 1 Premier Reserve League's games.WON in last 2 Premier Reserve League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Premier Reserve League's games.NOT LOST in last 7 Premier Reserve League's games.

4.League position3.
  10pts.Last five games  13pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

2 on Arsenal Reserves

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
24th Jan 12 England - Premier Reserve LeagueFulham Reserves : Arsenal Reserves 1:0
07th Nov 11 England - Premier Reserve LeagueArsenal Reserves : Fulham Reserves 2:0
08th Dec 09 England - Premier Reserve League SouthFulham Reserves : Arsenal Reserves 1:0
24th Aug 09 England - Premier Reserve League SouthArsenal Reserves : Fulham Reserves 3:0
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Arsenal Reserves
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Fulham Reserves
England - Premier Reserve League 2011/2012
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19.4.Stoke City Reserves1:3Fulham ReservesMore details about Stoke City Reserves-<b>Fulham Reserves</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Manchester United Reserves22154358:2349
2Aston Villa Reserves22134545:2243
3Fulham Reserves22124646:2540
4Arsenal Reserves22115636:2538
5Liverpool Reserves2298544:3035
6Everton Reserves2298538:2935
7West Bromwich Albion Reserves22112936:3135
8Sunderland Reserves2295838:3632
9Chelsea Reserves2277842:4328
10Newcastle U. Reserves22741138:5825
11Wigan Reserves2259827:3724
12Wolverhampton Reserves22651126:4123
13Blackburn Reserves22410818:2222
14Swansea Reserves22481021:3820
15Bolton Reserves22381123:4017
16Norwich Reserves22271326:6213
 promotion promotion  

1Manchester United Reserves1192031:429
2Aston Villa Reserves1191130:928
3Fulham Reserves1173131:1124
4Sunderland Reserves1171324:1322
5Liverpool Reserves1163229:1521
6Arsenal Reserves1162318:1420
7West Bromwich Albion Reserves1161419:1219
8Everton Reserves1144318:1616
9Chelsea Reserves1143421:2115
10Swansea Reserves1142513:1814
11Newcastle U. Reserves1133522:2612
12Norwich Reserves1125416:2711
13Wolverhampton Reserves1124511:1510
14Blackburn Reserves1124511:1410
15Wigan Reserves1116410:159
16Bolton Reserves1115511:178
1Manchester United Reserves1162327:1920
2Everton Reserves1154220:1319
3Arsenal Reserves1153318:1118
4West Bromwich Albion Reserves1151517:1916
5Fulham Reserves1151515:1416
6Aston Villa Reserves1143415:1315
7Wigan Reserves1143417:2215
8Liverpool Reserves1135315:1514
9Newcastle U. Reserves1141616:3213
10Wolverhampton Reserves1141615:2613
11Chelsea Reserves1134421:2213
12Blackburn Reserves112637:812
13Sunderland Reserves1124514:2310
14Bolton Reserves1123612:239
15Swansea Reserves110658:206
16Norwich Reserves1102910:352

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Fulham Reserves541015:413
2Manchester United Reserves532014:611
3Arsenal Reserves53117:310
4Everton Reserves53117:510
5Blackburn Reserves53116:210
6Wigan Reserves523010:59
7Liverpool Reserves522110:78
8Wolverhampton Reserves52127:97
9Bolton Reserves52126:57
10Aston Villa Reserves52038:106
11Chelsea Reserves512211:135
12West Bromwich Albion Reserves51137:84
13Swansea Reserves50323:63
14Norwich Reserves50325:103
15Newcastle U. Reserves51045:163
16Sunderland Reserves50232:82

1Manchester United Reserves541013:213
2Aston Villa Reserves540114:512
3Fulham Reserves532011:411
4West Bromwich Albion Reserves53027:59
5Blackburn Reserves52215:28
6Wolverhampton Reserves52127:87
7Arsenal Reserves52127:57
8Chelsea Reserves52038:116
9Wigan Reserves51318:76
10Liverpool Reserves51317:76
11Everton Reserves51315:66
12Norwich Reserves51228:165
13Bolton Reserves51224:55
14Sunderland Reserves51135:84
15Swansea Reserves50232:82
16Newcastle U. Reserves50146:151
1Arsenal Reserves541011:113
2Manchester United Reserves541017:713
3Everton Reserves53206:211
4Fulham Reserves531111:610
5Liverpool Reserves523010:59
6Blackburn Reserves52216:48
7Aston Villa Reserves52128:77
8Wigan Reserves52127:107
9Chelsea Reserves513113:126
10Sunderland Reserves51317:86
11Bolton Reserves51226:65
12West Bromwich Albion Reserves51137:114
13Swansea Reserves50323:63
14Newcastle U. Reserves51045:193
15Norwich Reserves50235:92
16Wolverhampton Reserves50144:161