Cyprus - 1. Division


Apollon Limassol






halftime (0:1)
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Date Sunday 14th January 2018
Time 16:00 CET
89'   in Panagiotis Artymatas
89'   out Araz Abdullayev
83'   in Kostas Pileas
83'   out Carlitos
73'   in Andre Schembri
73'   out Fotis Papoulis
65'   out Rayo
65'   in Nikolas Mattheou
60'   in Anton Maglica
60'   out Nicolas Martinez
60'   Fotis Papoulis
50'   out Giorgos Vasiliou
50'   in Jander
12'   Douglao
Goalkeeper: Bruno Vale

Substitute player: Jander
Substitute player: Adrian Sardinero Corpa
Substitute player: Matija Spoljaric
Substitute player: Anton Maglica
Substitute player: Marios Stylianou
Substitute player: Ioannis Pittas
Substitute player: Anastasios Kissas
Substitute player: Ioannis Hatjivasilis
Substitute player: Andrei Pitian
Substitute player: Andre Schembri

Coach: Sofronis Avgousti
Goalkeeper: Ariel Harush

Substitute player: Panagiotis Artymatas
Substitute player: Kostas Pileas
Substitute player: Giorgos Papadopoulos
Substitute player: Andre Alves
Substitute player: Nikolas Mattheou

Coach: Rony Levi
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Apollon LimassolAnorthosis
WON in last 1 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 19 1. Division's games.NOT LOST in last 4 1. Division's games.

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3.League position2.
  9pts.Last five games  8pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

5 on Apollon Limassol

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
14th Jan 18 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 1:1
14th Oct 17 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 1:1
14th May 17 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 1:1
03rd May 17 Cyprus - Cup Final StageAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 1:0
26th Apr 17 Cyprus - Cup Final StageApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 6:0
08th Apr 17 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship PlayoffAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 3:1
05th Mar 17 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 0:0
04th Dec 16 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 1:1
27th Apr 16 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship RoundAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 1:1
19th Mar 16 Cyprus - 1. Division Championship RoundApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 4:1
23rd Jan 16 Cyprus - 1. DivisionAnorthosis : Apollon Limassol 3:2
18th Oct 15 Cyprus - 1. DivisionApollon Limassol : Anorthosis 3:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1APOEL Nicosia19143252:1345
3Apollon Limassol19127048:1143
4AEK Larnaca20134343:1643
5AEL Limassol21106525:1336
6Omonia Nicosia21105639:3135
7Doxa Katokopia21831027:3227
8Alki Oroklinis21651023:3823
9Pafos FC2056913:2921
10Ermis Aradippou20531221:3918
11Olympiakos Nicosia2038918:4117
12Nea Salamis20361117:3615
13Aris Limassol20271114:3413
14Ethnikos Achnas21151516:398
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Apollon Limassol1082031:626
2APOEL Nicosia980127:724
3AEK Larnaca1073022:524
5AEL Limassol1163217:621
6Omonia Nicosia1053219:1118
7Doxa Katokopia1152417:2017
8Pafos FC1044211:716
9Ermis Aradippou1040611:2212
10Olympiakos Nicosia1025310:1311
11Nea Salamis102449:1310
12Aris Limassol102447:1510
13Alki Oroklinis102269:218
14Ethnikos Achnas101368:156
1APOEL Nicosia1063125:621
3AEK Larnaca1061321:1119
4Omonia Nicosia1152420:2017
5Apollon Limassol945017:517
6Alki Oroklinis1143414:1715
7AEL Limassol104338:715
8Doxa Katokopia1031610:1210
9Ermis Aradippou1013610:176
10Olympiakos Nicosia101368:286
11Nea Salamis101278:235
12Pafos FC101272:225
13Aris Limassol100377:193
14Ethnikos Achnas110298:242

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1APOEL Nicosia550022:315
2Omonia Nicosia540112:512
3Apollon Limassol52305:29
4AEK Larnaca52218:58
6AEL Limassol52128:67
7Alki Oroklinis51222:85
8Ermis Aradippou51223:105
9Olympiakos Nicosia51227:125
10Doxa Katokopia51131:104
11Nea Salamis51134:54
12Aris Limassol51134:114
13Ethnikos Achnas50143:121
14Pafos FC50141:91

1APOEL Nicosia550015:515
2AEK Larnaca541014:213
4Apollon Limassol532014:211
5AEL Limassol52218:48
6Alki Oroklinis52126:107
7Omonia Nicosia52128:57
8Doxa Katokopia51223:105
9Nea Salamis51225:55
10Olympiakos Nicosia51227:85
11Pafos FC51222:45
12Aris Limassol51132:64
13Ermis Aradippou51044:143
14Ethnikos Achnas50323:93
1APOEL Nicosia541018:113
2Apollon Limassol541013:113
3Omonia Nicosia531111:710
4AEK Larnaca53117:410
6AEL Limassol52215:48
7Alki Oroklinis52125:87
8Doxa Katokopia52035:76
9Ermis Aradippou51224:65
10Nea Salamis51045:83
11Olympiakos Nicosia50234:162
12Aris Limassol50233:112
13Ethnikos Achnas50144:111
14Pafos FC50051:150

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