Iran - Persian Gulf Cup


Aluminium Hormozgan FC


Shahre Bahran

halftime (0:0)
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Date Wednesday 25th July 2012
Time 19:30 CEST
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Aluminium Hormozgan FCShahre Bahran
DRAW in last 1 Persian Gulf Cup's games.WON in last 2 Persian Gulf Cup's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Persian Gulf Cup's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Persian Gulf Cup's games.

15.League position11.
  7pts.Last five games  9pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
11th Apr 16 Iran - Azadegan LeagueShahre Bahran : Aluminium Hormozgan FC 3:0
09th Nov 15 Iran - Azadegan LeagueAluminium Hormozgan FC : Shahre Bahran 0:0
31st Dec 12 Iran - Persian Gulf CupShahre Bahran : Aluminium Hormozgan FC 1:2
25th Jul 12 Iran - Persian Gulf CupAluminium Hormozgan FC : Shahre Bahran 0:0
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Aluminium Hormozgan FC
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26.1.Aluminium Hormozgan FC1:1Giti PasandMore details about Aluminium Hormozgan FC-Giti Pasand game
20.1.Gol Gohar1:1Aluminium Hormozgan FCMore details about Gol Gohar-Aluminium Hormozgan FC game
14.1.Aluminium Hormozgan FC0:1Mes RafsanjanMore details about Aluminium Hormozgan FC-<b>Mes Rafsanjan</b> game
24.12.Machine Sazi FC3:0Aluminium Hormozgan FCMore details about <b>Machine Sazi FC</b>-Aluminium Hormozgan FC game
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30.11.Naft Masjed Soleyman FC1:1Aluminium Hormozgan FCMore details about Naft Masjed Soleyman FC-Aluminium Hormozgan FC game
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16.11.Fajr Sepasi1:0Aluminium Hormozgan FCMore details about <b>Fajr Sepasi</b>-Aluminium Hormozgan FC game
Shahre Bahran
Iran - Azadegan League 2015/2016
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18.4.Kheybar Khorramabad2:1Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Kheybar Khorramabad</b>-Shahre Bahran game
11.4.Shahre Bahran3:0Aluminium Hormozgan FCMore details about <b>Shahre Bahran</b>-Aluminium Hormozgan FC game
04.4.Gol Gohar2:1Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Gol Gohar</b>-Shahre Bahran game
28.3.Shahre Bahran1:2Mes RafsanjanMore details about Shahre Bahran-<b>Mes Rafsanjan</b> game
14.3.Machine Sazi FC2:1Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Machine Sazi FC</b>-Shahre Bahran game
07.3.Shahre Bahran0:0Parseh Tehran FCMore details about Shahre Bahran-Parseh Tehran FC game
29.2.Nassaji Mazandaran FC1:1Shahre BahranMore details about Nassaji Mazandaran FC-Shahre Bahran game
20.2.Shahre Bahran2:2Naft Masjed Soleyman FCMore details about Shahre Bahran-Naft Masjed Soleyman FC game
14.2.Iranjavan Bushehr0:0Shahre BahranMore details about Iranjavan Bushehr-Shahre Bahran game
08.2.Shahre Bahran1:0Fajr SepasiMore details about <b>Shahre Bahran</b>-Fajr Sepasi game
01.2.Giti Pasand0:1Shahre BahranMore details about Giti Pasand-<b>Shahre Bahran</b> game
26.1.Shahrdari Ardabil1:0Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Shahrdari Ardabil</b>-Shahre Bahran game
20.1.Shahre Bahran0:2Mes KermanMore details about Shahre Bahran-<b>Mes Kerman</b> game
14.1.Pas Hamedan1:0Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Pas Hamedan</b>-Shahre Bahran game
24.12.Shahre Bahran1:2PaykanMore details about Shahre Bahran-<b>Paykan</b> game
15.12.Shahre Bahran2:1Khoneh Be KhonehMore details about <b>Shahre Bahran</b>-Khoneh Be Khoneh game
07.12.Sanat Naft Abadan1:0Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Sanat Naft Abadan</b>-Shahre Bahran game
30.11.Shahre Bahran1:1Aluminium ArakMore details about Shahre Bahran-Aluminium Arak game
23.11.Foolad Yazd1:0Shahre BahranMore details about <b>Foolad Yazd</b>-Shahre Bahran game
16.11.Shahre Bahran0:0Kheybar KhorramabadMore details about Shahre Bahran-Kheybar Khorramabad game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Tractor Sazi Tabriz341811555:3265
4Foolad Khuzestan341414652:3556
5Naft Tehran341413742:2955
6Mes Kerman341314733:2253
8Rah Ahan3412101232:3546
10Saba Qom341015937:3345
11Shahre Bahran3411101336:4343
12Fajr Sepasi3410121242:3842
14Zob Ahan349111436:4038
15Aluminium Hormozgan FC347141326:4035
16Sanat Naft Abadan344131731:6025
18Gahar Zagros FC343102124:5919
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2Tractor Sazi Tabriz17106131:1436
3Foolad Khuzestan17113333:2036
6Mes Kerman1786320:1030
7Shahre Bahran1785421:1429
8Fajr Sepasi1778226:1429
9Rah Ahan1784517:1228
11Naft Tehran1769220:1227
12Zob Ahan1783624:1927
13Saba Qom1758420:1723
14Aluminium Hormozgan FC1749414:1521
16Sanat Naft Abadan1748515:2020
18Gahar Zagros FC1735913:2514
2Tractor Sazi Tabriz1785424:1829
4Naft Tehran1784522:1728
5Mes Kerman1758413:1223
6Saba Qom1757517:1622
7Foolad Khuzestan17311319:1520
9Rah Ahan1746715:2318
12Aluminium Hormozgan FC1735912:2514
13Shahre Bahran1735915:2914
14Fajr Sepasi17341016:2413
15Zob Ahan1718812:2111
17Gahar Zagros FC17051211:345
18Sanat Naft Abadan17051216:405

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Mes Kerman532010:411
2Zob Ahan532011:311
3Tractor Sazi Tabriz53119:710
4Shahre Bahran53027:79
6Naft Tehran52215:48
8Saba Qom52217:68
11Aluminium Hormozgan FC52128:87
12Sanat Naft Abadan52033:106
13Fajr Sepasi51316:86
14Foolad Khuzestan50414:54
15Rah Ahan50414:54
18Gahar Zagros FC50052:130

3Mes Kerman532010:111
4Tractor Sazi Tabriz531110:710
5Foolad Khuzestan531111:610
6Shahre Bahran53118:510
7Sanat Naft Abadan53116:510
8Zob Ahan531111:410
10Naft Tehran52305:29
11Rah Ahan52214:38
12Saba Qom52126:67
13Fajr Sepasi513110:96
15Aluminium Hormozgan FC51224:55
17Gahar Zagros FC50053:120
2Tractor Sazi Tabriz53116:410
3Naft Tehran53026:69
4Mes Kerman52307:59
7Shahre Bahran52034:66
8Zob Ahan51313:36
9Aluminium Hormozgan FC51226:125
10Rah Ahan51226:95
12Foolad Khuzestan50414:54
13Saba Qom50415:74
14Fajr Sepasi51044:103
16Gahar Zagros FC50144:141
18Sanat Naft Abadan50052:150