Mexico - Ascenso MX Clausura


Cafetaleros de Tapachula


Cruz Azul Hidalgo

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Date Saturday 3rd March 2012
Time 2:00 CET
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Cafetaleros de TapachulaCruz Azul Hidalgo
WON in last 1 Ascenso MX Clausura's games.LOST in last 4 Ascenso MX Clausura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 Ascenso MX Clausura's games.NOT WON in last 5 Ascenso MX Clausura's games.

13.League position15.
  3pts.Last five games  1pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

5 on Cafetaleros de Tapachula

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
12th Mar 14 Mexico - Copa MX Clausura grp. 1Cafetaleros de Tapachula : Cruz Azul Hidalgo 1:1
25th Feb 14 Mexico - Copa MX Clausura grp. 1Cruz Azul Hidalgo : Cafetaleros de Tapachula 0:0
09th Feb 14 Mexico - Ascenso MX ClausuraCafetaleros de Tapachula : Cruz Azul Hidalgo 2:2
24th Aug 13 Mexico - Ascenso MX AperturaCruz Azul Hidalgo : Cafetaleros de Tapachula 3:3
24th Feb 13 Mexico - Ascenso MX ClausuraCruz Azul Hidalgo : Cafetaleros de Tapachula 2:2
15th Sep 12 Mexico - Ascenso MX AperturaCafetaleros de Tapachula : Cruz Azul Hidalgo 0:1
03rd Mar 12 Mexico - Ascenso MX ClausuraCafetaleros de Tapachula : Cruz Azul Hidalgo 3:4
02nd Oct 11 Mexico - Ascenso MX AperturaCruz Azul Hidalgo : Cafetaleros de Tapachula 1:2
02nd Apr 11 Mexico - Ascenso MX ClausuraCafetaleros de Tapachula : Cruz Azul Hidalgo 0:0
24th Oct 10 Mexico - Ascenso MX AperturaCruz Azul Hidalgo : Cafetaleros de Tapachula 1:1
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Cafetaleros de Tapachula
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Cruz Azul Hidalgo
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23.10.Cruz Azul Hidalgo1:4Reboceros la PiedadMore details about Cruz Azul Hidalgo-<b>Reboceros la Piedad</b> game
14.10.Monarcas Morelia II3:2Cruz Azul HidalgoMore details about <b>Monarcas Morelia II</b>-Cruz Azul Hidalgo game
09.10.Cruz Azul Hidalgo3:0Deportivo Tepic IIMore details about <b>Cruz Azul Hidalgo</b>-Deportivo Tepic II game
01.10.AEM FC0:0Cruz Azul HidalgoMore details about AEM FC-Cruz Azul Hidalgo game
25.9.Cruz Azul Hidalgo0:1Queretaro FC IIMore details about Cruz Azul Hidalgo-<b>Queretaro FC II</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Venados FC1484216:828
4Toros Neza1466225:1624
5Lobos de la BUAP1462620:2020
6Leones Negros1455411:1120
7Correcaminos de la UAT1454522:1619
8La Piedad1454522:1719
12Pumas Morelos143477:1613
13Cafetaleros de Tapachula1441915:2913
15Cruz Azul Hidalgo1424814:2810

2Venados FC85218:317
4Correcaminos de la UAT742119:814
6Toros Neza733116:1012
8Lobos de la BUAP832310:811
10Cafetaleros de Tapachula731310:910
11Pumas Morelos83146:910
12Leones Negros71515:48
13La Piedad722310:88
15Cruz Azul Hidalgo61237:115
2Toros Neza73319:612
3Leones Negros74036:712
4Venados FC63218:511
5La Piedad732212:911
6Lobos de la BUAP630310:129
9Cruz Azul Hidalgo81257:175
10Correcaminos de la UAT71243:85
12Cafetaleros de Tapachula71065:203
13Pumas Morelos60331:73

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Venados FC54107:213
3Correcaminos de la UAT53118:510
5Toros Neza523011:79
6Leones Negros52303:19
7Lobos de la BUAP52215:48
8La Piedad52129:57
10Cafetaleros de Tapachula51045:153
13Pumas Morelos50232:72
14Cruz Azul Hidalgo50142:101

2Correcaminos de la UAT541016:413
3Venados FC54105:113
4Toros Neza532012:511
8Lobos de la BUAP52215:38
10Cafetaleros de Tapachula52128:77
11Pumas Morelos52033:66
12Cruz Azul Hidalgo51225:85
13La Piedad51227:65
14Leones Negros50412:34
2Leones Negros53024:59
3Toros Neza52216:48
4Venados FC52216:48
6La Piedad52127:57
7Lobos de la BUAP52037:106
8Correcaminos de la UAT51223:55
10Cruz Azul Hidalgo51045:143
11Pumas Morelos50321:63
15Cafetaleros de Tapachula50053:170