Ghana - Premier League


All Stars


Berekum Chelsea

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Date Sunday 8th January 2012
Time 16:00 CET
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All StarsBerekum Chelsea
WON in last 1 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 2 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Premier League's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Premier League's games.

9.League position7.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

4 on All Stars

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
13th Sep 15 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 2:1
18th Jan 15 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 1:0
04th Mar 14 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 0:0
13th Nov 13 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 0:0
21st Apr 13 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 1:1
28th Nov 12 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 1:0
29th Feb 12 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 1:0
08th Jan 12 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 0:0
19th Jan 11 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 2:0
21st Nov 10 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 2:1
21st Feb 10 Ghana - Premier LeagueBerekum Chelsea : All Stars 2:0
27th Dec 09 Ghana - Premier LeagueAll Stars : Berekum Chelsea 2:1
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Berekum Chelsea
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Asante Kotoko SC30189343:1863
2Ashanti Gold301310735:3349
3Hearts of Oak301211731:2047
4Medeama SC301441242:3446
5New Edubiase FC301441236:3646
6Aduana Stars301112726:1745
7Berekum Chelsea301112730:2345
8Liberty Professionals301191039:3042
9All Stars301191020:2042
11Tema Youth30981332:3335
12Heart of Lions307121122:3133
13Berekum Arsenal SC30791424:4030
14Wassaman United30781527:4329
15Bechem United306111325:4229
16Mighty Jets305131223:3228
 relegation relegation  

1Asante Kotoko SC15123026:739
2New Edubiase FC15122123:1038
3Medeama SC15121230:1237
4Ashanti Gold1596022:1133
5Berekum Chelsea1595120:832
6All Stars1595112:232
7Liberty Professionals1595129:1132
8Aduana Stars1585216:729
9Tema Youth1585224:1329
10Hearts of Oak1577121:728
11Bechem United1566317:1324
13Berekum Arsenal SC1566314:1324
14Heart of Lions1565410:823
15Wassaman United1564519:2222
16Mighty Jets1547414:1219
1Asante Kotoko SC1566317:1124
2Hearts of Oak1554610:1319
3Aduana Stars1537510:1016
4Ashanti Gold1544713:2216
5Berekum Chelsea1527610:1513
7All Stars152498:1810
8Liberty Professionals1524910:1910
9Heart of Lions1517712:2310
10Mighty Jets151689:209
11Medeama SC15231012:229
12New Edubiase FC15221113:268
13Wassaman United1514108:217
14Tema Youth1513118:206
15Berekum Arsenal SC15131110:276
16Bechem United1505108:295

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1New Edubiase FC53115:210
2Medeama SC53117:510
3Aduana Stars52216:58
4Asante Kotoko SC52217:68
5Ashanti Gold52217:68
6Wassaman United52124:67
7All Stars52122:27
8Hearts of Oak52129:57
9Bechem United52036:76
10Berekum Chelsea51315:56
11Tema Youth52032:36
12Liberty Professionals51317:66
13Mighty Jets51225:65
14Berekum Arsenal SC51223:75
15Heart of Lions51221:25

1Medeama SC550010:415
2Bechem United54106:213
3New Edubiase FC54108:313
4Tema Youth54109:213
5Berekum Chelsea53206:311
6Liberty Professionals532013:611
7Asante Kotoko SC53208:511
8Wassaman United53117:610
9Berekum Arsenal SC53116:410
10Hearts of Oak531110:110
11All Stars52303:19
12Ashanti Gold52307:59
13Aduana Stars52125:57
14Heart of Lions51221:55
16Mighty Jets50232:62
1Asante Kotoko SC53119:410
2Ashanti Gold52216:48
3Aduana Stars51316:46
4Medeama SC51315:56
5Mighty Jets51225:65
6Berekum Arsenal SC51224:85
8New Edubiase FC51134:64
9Liberty Professionals51134:64
10Hearts of Oak51134:74
11Berekum Chelsea50324:73
12Wassaman United50232:72
13All Stars50141:71
14Heart of Lions50141:101
15Bechem United50055:110
16Tema Youth50051:60