Sudan - 1. Division


Al Ahly Shendi


Ahil Al Khartoum

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Date Friday 5th August 2011
Time 21:00 CEST
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Al Ahly ShendiAhil Al Khartoum
LOST in last 1 1. Division's games.LOST in last 3 1. Division's games.
NOT WON in last 2 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 1. Division's games.

4.League position7.
  10pts.Last five games  3pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

2 on Al Ahly Shendi

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
16th Jul 14 Sudan - Premier LeagueAl Ahly Shendi : Ahil Al Khartoum 2:2
05th Feb 14 Sudan - Premier LeagueAhil Al Khartoum : Al Ahly Shendi 1:1
17th Sep 13 Sudan - Premier LeagueAl Ahly Shendi : Ahil Al Khartoum 2:0
28th Mar 13 Sudan - Premier LeagueAhil Al Khartoum : Al Ahly Shendi 0:1
24th Oct 12 Sudan - 1. DivisionAl Ahly Shendi : Ahil Al Khartoum 3:1
08th May 12 Sudan - 1. DivisionAhil Al Khartoum : Al Ahly Shendi 1:1
05th Aug 11 Sudan - 1. DivisionAl Ahly Shendi : Ahil Al Khartoum 3:2
20th Apr 11 Sudan - 1. DivisionAhil Al Khartoum : Al Ahly Shendi 0:3
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06.4.Ahil Al Khartoum3:0Al-NilMore details about <b>Ahil Al Khartoum</b>-Al-Nil game
27.3.Ahil Al Khartoum0:0Khartoum-3More details about Ahil Al Khartoum-Khartoum-3 game
20.3.Al-Hilal Kaduqli1:3Ahil Al KhartoumMore details about Al-Hilal Kaduqli-<b>Ahil Al Khartoum</b> game
13.3.Hilal Al-Fasher1:1Ahil Al KhartoumMore details about Hilal Al-Fasher-Ahil Al Khartoum game
24.2.Al Hilal Omdurman2:0Ahil Al KhartoumMore details about <b>Al Hilal Omdurman</b>-Ahil Al Khartoum game
19.2.Ahil Al Khartoum2:0Al-AmalMore details about <b>Ahil Al Khartoum</b>-Al-Amal game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Al Hilal Omdurman26222272:1268
4Al Ahly Shendi26107931:2737
6Al-Hilal Kaduqli26961132:4433
7Ahil Al Khartoum26871129:3331
8El Nsoor26871116:2631
11Al-Hilal Port Sudan26841421:4228
12Al-Ittihad Madani26681220:3126
13Jazeerat Al-Feel265111022:4026
14Hay al-Arab26451718:4117
 champions league champions league   uefa uefa   relegation relegation  

2Al Hilal Omdurman13121041:437
4Al-Hilal Kaduqli1372422:1623
5Al Ahly Shendi1371522:1622
8Al-Ittihad Madani1355316:1120
9Al-Hilal Port Sudan1353512:1518
11Ahil Al Khartoum1344514:1616
12Jazeerat Al-Feel1344512:1616
13El Nsoor132656:1512
14Hay al-Arab1331911:1910
2Al Hilal Omdurman13101231:831
3El Nsoor1361610:1119
4Al Ahly Shendi133649:1115
5Ahil Al Khartoum1343615:1715
9Jazeerat Al-Feel1317510:2410
10Al-Hilal Kaduqli1324710:2810
11Al-Hilal Port Sudan133199:2710
13Hay al-Arab131487:227
14Al-Ittihad Madani131394:206

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Al Hilal Omdurman541015:313
3Al Ahly Shendi53118:410
5Jazeerat Al-Feel52126:97
6Al-Hilal Kaduqli52127:87
8Al-Hilal Port Sudan52036:96
10Al-Ittihad Madani51224:75
11El Nsoor51041:53
12Ahil Al Khartoum51044:83
14Hay al-Arab50234:82

2Al-Ittihad Madani54109:113
3Al Hilal Omdurman541010:413
4Al Ahly Shendi540111:712
6Jazeerat Al-Feel52125:57
7Al-Hilal Kaduqli52127:87
10El Nsoor51313:36
11Al-Hilal Port Sudan52034:86
12Ahil Al Khartoum51137:84
14Hay al-Arab50143:91
1Al Hilal Omdurman550015:115
4Al-Hilal Kaduqli52126:67
5Al-Hilal Port Sudan52126:77
7El Nsoor52033:46
8Al Ahly Shendi51222:45
9Ahil Al Khartoum51136:84
11Hay al-Arab50324:63
12Jazeerat Al-Feel50234:102
13Al-Ittihad Madani50231:92