Austria - Bundesliga


Admira Moedling



halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 16th December 2017
Time 18:30 CET
Venue nameBSFZ Arena
90'    Valentino Mueller
90'   penalty Markus Lackner
86'   out Sasa Kalajdzic
86'   in Pascal Petlach
81'   out Maximilian Sax
81'   in Patrick Schmidt
79'   Christian Gebauer
71'   out Louis Clement Ngwat-Mahop
71'   out Wilhelm Vorsager
71'   in Marcus Maier
71'   in Bernhard Tekpetey
69'   Marin Jakolis
67'   Thomas Ebner
65'   Maximilian Sax
64'   Kristijan Dobras
60'   in Johannes Aigner
60'   out Adrian Grbic
60'   in Kristijan Dobras
60'   out Stefan Nutz
60'   Valentino Mueller
54'   Wilhelm Vorsager

Goalkeeper: Andreas Leitner

Defence: Thomas Ebner
Defence: Fabio Strauss
Defence: Markus Wostry
Defence: Philipp Posch

Midfield: Markus Lackner
Midfield: Lukas Grozurek
Midfield: Sasa Kalajdzic
Midfield: Maximilian Sax
Midfield: Wilhelm Vorsager

Forward: Marin Jakolis

Substitute player: Manuel Kuttin
Substitute player: Marcus Maier
Substitute player: Patrick Schmidt
Substitute player: Manuel Maranda
Substitute player: Frank Bagnack
Substitute player: Manuel Botic
Substitute player: Pascal Petlach

Coach: Ernst Baumeister
Goalkeeper: Martin Kobras

Defence: Mathias Honsak
Defence: Philipp Netzer
Defence: Jan Zwischenbrugger
Defence: Andreas Lienhart

Midfield: Stefan Nutz
Midfield: Valentino Mueller
Midfield: Louis Clement Ngwat-Mahop
Midfield: Patrick Salomon
Midfield: Christian Gebauer

Forward: Adrian Grbic

Substitute player: Johannes Aigner
Substitute player: Benedikt Zech
Substitute player: Emanuel Schreiner
Substitute player: Bernhard Tekpetey
Substitute player: Bernhard Janeczek
Substitute player: Filip Dmitrovic
Substitute player: Kristijan Dobras

Coach: Klaus Schmidt
Coach: Werner Grabherr
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Admira MoedlingAltach
LOST in last 1 Bundesliga's games.WON in last 1 Bundesliga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 16 Bundesliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Bundesliga's games.

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5.League position8.
  6pts.Last five games  4pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

5 on Admira Moedling

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
07th Apr 18 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 1:2
16th Dec 17 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 3:1
14th Oct 17 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 2:2
30th Jul 17 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 4:1
22nd Apr 17 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 0:0
11th Feb 17 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 1:1
22nd Oct 16 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 2:0
06th Aug 16 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 1:2
30th Apr 16 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 2:1
27th Feb 16 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 1:2
07th Nov 15 Austria - BundesligaAdmira Moedling : Altach 1:1
23rd Aug 15 Austria - BundesligaAltach : Admira Moedling 1:2
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Admira Moedling
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International - Club Friendlies 2017
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Sturm Graz30193857:3660
3Rapid Wien301410655:3352
5Admira Moedling301441253:5546
6Austria Wien301161344:4739
9Wolfsberger AC30481821:5020
10SKN St. Poelten30242420:7210
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation play off relegation play off  

2Sturm Graz15102328:1532
4Admira Moedling1592429:2329
5Rapid Wien1575328:1926
7Austria Wien1572627:2223
9Wolfsberger AC153579:1814
10SKN St. Poelten1513119:346
2Sturm Graz1591529:2128
3Rapid Wien1575327:1426
5Admira Moedling1552824:3217
6Austria Wien1544717:2516
9Wolfsberger AC15131112:326
10SKN St. Poelten15111311:384

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Rapid Wien541015:413
3Sturm Graz540113:512
5Austria Wien53028:109
6Admira Moedling52038:136
9Wolfsberger AC50052:140
10SKN St. Poelten50054:160

3Rapid Wien532011:411
5Austria Wien53029:89
6Admira Moedling52038:136
7Sturm Graz52036:76
9Wolfsberger AC50141:91
10SKN St. Poelten50054:150
2Sturm Graz531112:510
4Admira Moedling530210:89
6Rapid Wien52129:57
7Austria Wien51135:104
9Wolfsberger AC51043:113
10SKN St. Poelten51043:123

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