Cyprus - 1. Division




Enosis Paralimni

halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 13th March 2010
Time 14:30 CET
85'   Peter Gravesen
72'   Dieter van Tornhout
49'   Radovan Krivokapic
47'   Rodriguez Gelson
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A.P.E.P.Enosis Paralimni
LOST in last 2 1. Division's games.LOST in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 1. Division's games.

13.League position9.
  3pts.Last five games  7pts.
  1pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
17th Jan 15 Cyprus - 2. DivisionEnosis Paralimni : A.P.E.P. 4:0
04th Oct 14 Cyprus - 2. DivisionA.P.E.P. : Enosis Paralimni 1:0
13th Mar 10 Cyprus - 1. DivisionA.P.E.P. : Enosis Paralimni 1:2
06th Dec 09 Cyprus - 1. DivisionEnosis Paralimni : A.P.E.P. 2:0
02nd May 09 Cyprus - 1. Division 2nd stage Grp. CEnosis Paralimni : A.P.E.P. 0:1
21st Mar 09 Cyprus - 1. Division 2nd stage Grp. CA.P.E.P. : Enosis Paralimni 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Nea Salamis26281619:4514
1Omonia Nicosia26195252:2162
3Apollon Limassol26176343:1557
4APOEL Nicosia26167346:1855
5AEL Limassol26143932:2245
6A.P.O.P/K. Peyias261041240:4434
7Ethnikos Achnas26871123:3131
8Ermis Aradippou26781131:3429
9Enosis Paralimni26781129:3529
10Doxa Katokopia26681225:3726
11Pafos FC26681227:4026
12Aris Limassol26481426:4720
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2Omonia Nicosia1394025:1031
3APOEL Nicosia1393125:630
4Apollon Limassol1392222:729
5AEL Limassol1392220:929
6Ermis Aradippou1363418:1521
7Ethnikos Achnas1363413:1321
8A.P.O.P/K. Peyias1354420:1819
9Pafos FC1351715:1816
10Enosis Paralimni1350519:1815
11Doxa Katokopia1335514:1714
12Aris Limassol1335514:2014
13Nea Salamis131398:226
1Omonia Nicosia13100227:1130
2APOEL Nicosia1374221:1225
3Apollon Limassol1380121:824
5AEL Limassol1351712:1316
6A.P.O.P/K. Peyias1350820:2615
7Doxa Katokopia1333711:2012
8Enosis Paralimni1325610:1711
9Ethnikos Achnas1324710:1810
10Nea Salamis1315711:238
11Pafos FC1307512:227
13Ermis Aradippou1305713:195
14Aris Limassol1303912:273

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Omonia Nicosia550012:315
2Apollon Limassol550014:215
4Ethnikos Achnas52305:29
5Ermis Aradippou52126:77
6Enosis Paralimni521211:87
7AEL Limassol52126:77
8Doxa Katokopia51316:66
9Aris Limassol51313:36
10APOEL Nicosia51222:45
11Nea Salamis51132:64
13Pafos FC51046:123
14A.P.O.P/K. Peyias50146:121

1Omonia Nicosia541012:513
2AEL Limassol540110:412
3Ermis Aradippou53117:510
4APOEL Nicosia53118:210
5Apollon Limassol53117:310
7Ethnikos Achnas52215:48
8Pafos FC52126:67
9Enosis Paralimni52039:76
10Aris Limassol51316:76
11Doxa Katokopia51224:55
12Nea Salamis51133:64
13A.P.O.P/K. Peyias51137:114
1Omonia Nicosia550012:415
2Apollon Limassol540110:312
4APOEL Nicosia52216:48
5AEL Limassol52124:67
6Ethnikos Achnas51315:66
7Enosis Paralimni51314:46
8Nea Salamis51224:65
9Doxa Katokopia51134:84
11A.P.O.P/K. Peyias51048:123
12Ermis Aradippou50234:82
13Pafos FC50236:132
14Aris Limassol50143:111