Cyprus - 2. Division




A.P.O.P/K. Peyias

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Date Saturday 19th November 2011
Time 13:30 CET
Venue nameLakatameia Stadium
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A.P.E.P.A.P.O.P/K. Peyias
LOST in last 2 2. Division's games.WON in last 2 2. Division's games.
NOT WON in last 5 2. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 2. Division's games.

10.League position5.
  2pts.Last five games  12pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

10 on A.P.O.P/K. Peyias

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
04th Mar 12 Cyprus - 2. DivisionA.P.O.P/K. Peyias : A.P.E.P. 6:0
19th Nov 11 Cyprus - 2. DivisionA.P.E.P. : A.P.O.P/K. Peyias 2:1
06th Mar 10 Cyprus - 1. DivisionA.P.O.P/K. Peyias : A.P.E.P. 1:2
28th Nov 09 Cyprus - 1. DivisionA.P.E.P. : A.P.O.P/K. Peyias 2:3
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14.1.Omonia Aradippou1:1A.P.O.P/K. PeyiasMore details about Omonia Aradippou-A.P.O.P/K. Peyias game
07.1.A.P.O.P/K. Peyias0:1Onisilos SotiraMore details about A.P.O.P/K. Peyias-<b>Onisilos Sotira</b> game
17.12.Ayia Napa2:0A.P.O.P/K. PeyiasMore details about <b>Ayia Napa</b>-A.P.O.P/K. Peyias game
10.12.Othellos Athienou1:2A.P.O.P/K. PeyiasMore details about Othellos Athienou-<b>A.P.O.P/K. Peyias</b> game
03.12.A.P.O.P/K. Peyias3:1Akritas ChlorakasMore details about <b>A.P.O.P/K. Peyias</b>-Akritas Chlorakas game
Cyprus - Cup final stage 2011/2012
30.11.Atromitos Yeroskipou2:4A.P.O.P/K. PeyiasMore details about Atromitos Yeroskipou-<b>A.P.O.P/K. Peyias</b> game
Cyprus - 2. Division 2011/2012
26.11.A.P.O.P/K. Peyias0:0PAEEKMore details about A.P.O.P/K. Peyias-PAEEK game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Doxa Katokopia26148436:2050
2Ayia Napa26147539:1749
3Pafos FC26154740:2349
5A.P.O.P/K. Peyias26134941:2334
6Othellos Athienou26971030:3134
7Akritas Chlorakas26971037:4034
8Onisilos Sotira26971023:2634
9Ethnikos Assia26971029:3834
11Omonia Aradippou26711840:3432
12Chalkanoras Idaliou26614628:2932
13EN Parekklisias26771221:3328
14Atromitos Yeroskipou26142110:447
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Ayia Napa13111124:434
2Doxa Katokopia1393122:830
3Pafos FC1392224:929
4Akritas Chlorakas1374220:925
5Othellos Athienou1374221:1325
6Omonia Aradippou1366126:1524
9Onisilos Sotira1363414:1021
10A.P.O.P/K. Peyias1362524:1220
11EN Parekklisias1354412:1219
12Ethnikos Assia1353516:1918
13Chalkanoras Idaliou13210116:1516
14Atromitos Yeroskipou1312104:165
1A.P.O.P/K. Peyias1372417:1123
2Doxa Katokopia1355314:1220
3Pafos FC1362516:1420
4Chalkanoras Idaliou1344512:1416
5Ethnikos Assia1344513:1916
6Ayia Napa1336415:1315
7Onisilos Sotira133469:1613
10EN Parekklisias132389:219
11Akritas Chlorakas1323817:319
12Othellos Athienou132389:189
13Omonia Aradippou1315714:198
14Atromitos Yeroskipou1302116:282

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1A.P.O.P/K. Peyias540112:212
2Othellos Athienou53119:610
3EN Parekklisias52216:58
4Chalkanoras Idaliou52214:38
5Omonia Aradippou52218:68
7Doxa Katokopia52216:48
8Ethnikos Assia52125:77
9Ayia Napa521210:57
10Onisilos Sotira51314:36
11Pafos FC51226:75
12Akritas Chlorakas51137:94
14Atromitos Yeroskipou50142:111

1Omonia Aradippou550016:615
3Ayia Napa54017:112
4Othellos Athienou531110:610
6A.P.O.P/K. Peyias531115:410
7EN Parekklisias52307:49
8Chalkanoras Idaliou52307:49
9Ethnikos Assia53026:79
10Doxa Katokopia52307:49
11Onisilos Sotira52215:28
12Pafos FC52215:38
13Akritas Chlorakas52126:57
14Atromitos Yeroskipou50141:71
1Ethnikos Assia52127:97
2Doxa Katokopia52122:27
3A.P.O.P/K. Peyias52123:37
4Onisilos Sotira51315:66
5Ayia Napa51318:56
6Pafos FC52035:76
7EN Parekklisias51134:94
8Akritas Chlorakas51137:104
9Othellos Athienou51135:94
10Chalkanoras Idaliou51041:63
11Omonia Aradippou50325:73
14Atromitos Yeroskipou50052:140