Guadeloupe - 1. Division


AJSS Saintes


Juventus SA

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Date Saturday 19th May 2012
Time 2:30 CEST
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AJSS SaintesJuventus SA
DRAW in last 1 1. Division's games.DRAW in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 1. Division's games.NOT WON in last 12 1. Division's games.

1.League position10.
  6pts.Last five games  3pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.

7 on AJSS Saintes

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
26th Jan 14 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionAJSS Saintes : Juventus SA 1:2
15th Sep 13 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionJuventus SA : AJSS Saintes 3:1
21st Feb 13 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionJuventus SA : AJSS Saintes 0:0
06th Sep 12 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionAJSS Saintes : Juventus SA 2:1
19th May 12 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionAJSS Saintes : Juventus SA 1:1
29th Jan 12 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionJuventus SA : AJSS Saintes 0:0
30th Jan 11 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionAJSS Saintes : Juventus SA 0:0
22nd Aug 10 Guadeloupe - 1. DivisionJuventus SA : AJSS Saintes 4:1
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AJSS Saintes
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22.12.AJSS Saintes1:1Club Amical MarquisatMore details about AJSS Saintes-Club Amical Marquisat game
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12.12.AJSS Saintes1:4US Baie-MahaultMore details about AJSS Saintes-<b>US Baie-Mahault</b> game
28.11.Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau0:0AJSS SaintesMore details about Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau-AJSS Saintes game
24.11.AJSS Saintes2:0AS GosierMore details about <b>AJSS Saintes</b>-AS Gosier game
10.11.AS RC De Basse Terre2:0AJSS SaintesMore details about <b>AS RC De Basse Terre</b>-AJSS Saintes game
31.10.C.S. Capesterre Bell4:1AJSS SaintesMore details about <b>C.S. Capesterre Bell</b>-AJSS Saintes game
20.10.AJSS Saintes3:3SirocoMore details about AJSS Saintes-Siroco game
29.9.AJSS Saintes0:4La GauloiseMore details about AJSS Saintes-<b>La Gauloise</b> game
Juventus SA
Guadeloupe - 1. Division 2015/2016
14.5.Siroco2:1Juventus SAMore details about <b>Siroco</b>-Juventus SA game
07.5.Juventus SA1:1Phare du CanalMore details about Juventus SA-Phare du Canal game
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09.4.Juventus SA0:0US Baie-MahaultMore details about Juventus SA-US Baie-Mahault game
02.4.La Gauloise2:0Juventus SAMore details about <b>La Gauloise</b>-Juventus SA game
19.3.Juventus SA0:1USRMore details about Juventus SA-<b>USR</b> game
13.3.Red Star1:0Juventus SAMore details about <b>Red Star</b>-Juventus SA game
05.3.Juventus SA1:0CS Le MouleMore details about <b>Juventus SA</b>-CS Le Moule game
27.2.Arsenal1:3Juventus SAMore details about Arsenal-<b>Juventus SA</b> game
20.2.Juventus SA2:1Solidarite ScolaireMore details about <b>Juventus SA</b>-Solidarite Scolaire game
13.2.AO Gourbeyrienne1:1Juventus SAMore details about AO Gourbeyrienne-Juventus SA game
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19.12.Juventus SA2:1Club Amical MarquisatMore details about <b>Juventus SA</b>-Club Amical Marquisat game
12.12.Juventus SA0:0Etoile de Morne-a-l-EauMore details about Juventus SA-Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau game
06.12.US Baie-Mahault0:2Juventus SAMore details about US Baie-Mahault-<b>Juventus SA</b> game
28.11.Juventus SA0:1La GauloiseMore details about Juventus SA-<b>La Gauloise</b> game
21.11.USR4:2Juventus SAMore details about <b>USR</b>-Juventus SA game
07.11.Juventus SA2:1Red StarMore details about <b>Juventus SA</b>-Red Star game
01.11.CS Le Moule2:0Juventus SAMore details about <b>CS Le Moule</b>-Juventus SA game
17.10.Juventus SA3:1ArsenalMore details about <b>Juventus SA</b>-Arsenal game
03.10.Solidarite Scolaire0:2Juventus SAMore details about Solidarite Scolaire-<b>Juventus SA</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1AJSS Saintes26138541:2973
2Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau26137631:2172
5Phare du Canal26108827:2364
7AS Gosier26711826:2858
8CS Le Moule26711827:3058
10Juventus SA26710918:1957
11Stade Lamentinois26871122:2757
12Amical Club de Marie Galante26611920:2355
13Etoile du Carmel26611922:2755
14AS RC De Basse Terre26661419:2850
 relegation relegation  

1Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau13112021:435
2Phare du Canal1375117:726
3AJSS Saintes1374219:1425
5Stade Lamentinois1362514:1520
6Etoile du Carmel1347214:1319
7Juventus SA134729:619
10AS Gosier1346311:1118
11CS Le Moule1345415:1517
12AS RC De Basse Terre1342712:1514
13Amical Club de Marie Galante1335512:1114
1AJSS Saintes1364322:1522
5Amical Club de Marie Galante133648:1215
6CS Le Moule1336412:1515
7AS Gosier1335515:1714
9Juventus SA133379:1312
10Phare du Canal1333710:1612
11Stade Lamentinois132568:1211
12Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau1325610:1711
13Etoile du Carmel132478:1410
14AS RC De Basse Terre132477:1310

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau54108:113
2Phare du Canal53118:310
3Stade Lamentinois53027:49
4AS Gosier52305:39
6Amical Club de Marie Galante51402:17
7AJSS Saintes51317:56
8AS RC De Basse Terre51225:75
9Etoile du Carmel50413:64
12Juventus SA50322:43
14CS Le Moule50323:93

1Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau550010:015
2Stade Lamentinois54018:412
3Phare du Canal53208:211
4AJSS Saintes52306:39
5AS Gosier52305:39
8AS RC De Basse Terre52126:57
10Amical Club de Marie Galante51314:26
12CS Le Moule51316:76
13Etoile du Carmel50323:73
14Juventus SA50322:43
2AJSS Saintes52128:67
3Etoile de Morne-a-l-Eau51405:47
6Etoile du Carmel51312:26
7AS RC De Basse Terre51224:65
8Phare du Canal51132:64
10Stade Lamentinois51135:74
11AS Gosier51132:54
12Amical Club de Marie Galante51133:84
13CS Le Moule50413:64
14Juventus SA50233:62