Denmark - Superligaen




Broendby IF

halftime (2:0)
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Date Sunday 13th May 2012
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameNRGi Park
RefereeLars Christoffersen from Denmark
87'   in Frederik Holst
87'   out Patrick Olsen
85'   Osama Akharraz
85'  Assist Peter Graulund
77'   in Jerry Lucena
77'   out Arthur Sorin
74'   Jens Stryger Larsen
74'  Assist Nicolaj Agger
73'   in Nicolaj Agger
73'   out Simon Makienok
67'   in Hjalte Bo Noerregaard
67'   out Martin Joergensen
67'   Kasper Povlsen
62'  Assist Peter Graulund
62'   Martin Joergensen
58'   in Peter Graulund
58'   out Davit Skhirtladze
54'   in Rene Shaki Joensen
54'   out Daniel Norouzi
51'   Davit Skhirtladze
47'  Assist Osama Akharraz
47'   Casper Sloth
39'   Martin Joergensen
38'   Clarence Goodson
36'   Mikkel Kirkeskov
28'  Assist Aron Johannsson
28'   Osama Akharraz

Goalkeeper: Steffen Rasmussen

Defence: Mikkel Kirkeskov
Defence: Anders Kure
Defence: Atle Roar Haaland
Defence: Arthur Sorin

Midfield: Martin Joergensen
Midfield: Casper Sloth
Midfield: Osama Akharraz
Midfield: Kasper Povlsen

Forward: Davit Skhirtladze
Forward: Aron Johannsson

Substitute player: Peter Graulund
Substitute player: Hjalte Bo Noerregaard
Substitute player: Stephan Petersen
Substitute player: Edafe Egbedi
Substitute player: Emil Ousager
Substitute player: Jerry Lucena
Substitute player: Jens Joensson

Injured: Soeren Larsen
Injured: David Devdariani
Injured: Mark Howard
Injured: Morten Moldskred
Injured: Adam Eckersley

Coach: Peter Soerensen
Goalkeeper: Michael Toernes

Defence: Daniel Norouzi
Defence: Daniel Stenderup
Defence: Dario Dumic
Defence: Mikael Nilsson
Defence: Clarence Goodson

Midfield: Dennis Rommedahl
Midfield: Jens Stryger Larsen
Midfield: Michael Krohn-Dehli
Midfield: Patrick Olsen
Midfield: Mike Jensen

Forward: Simon Makienok
Forward: Mikkel Thygesen

Substitute player: Rene Shaki Joensen
Substitute player: Jan Kristiansen
Substitute player: Nicolaj Agger
Substitute player: Jan Frederiksen
Substitute player: Frederik Holst
Substitute player: Michael Falkesgaard
Substitute player: Jannik Skov Hansen

Injured: Oke Akpoveta
Injured: Mathias Gehrt
Injured: Daniel Stenderup
Injured: Mathias Larsen
Injured: Dennis Rommedahl
Injured: Martin Bernburg
Injured: Oluwafemi Ajilore

Suspended: Anders Randrup

Coach: Auri Skarbalius
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AGFBroendby IF
LOST in last 2 Superligaen's games.LOST in last 4 Superligaen's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Superligaen's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Superligaen's games.

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5.League position9.
  9pts.Last five games  3pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

4 on AGF

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
23rd Oct 16 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:0
21st Aug 16 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 0:7
24th Apr 16 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:1
22nd Nov 15 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:1
19th Jul 15 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:1
21st Apr 14 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:2
10th Nov 13 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 3:0
22nd Sep 13 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:3
01st Apr 13 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 3:2
10th Mar 13 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 0:3
05th Aug 12 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 3:1
13th May 12 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 5:1
11th Mar 12 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 0:0
21st Aug 11 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 0:0
18th Apr 10 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:0
29th Nov 09 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 1:0
13th Sep 09 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:0
17th Aug 08 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:1
10th Apr 02 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:2
22nd Jul 01 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 5:0
13th May 01 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:1
29th Oct 00 Denmark - SuperligaenAGF : Broendby IF 2:0
22nd Jul 00 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 1:2
16th Apr 00 Denmark - SuperligaenBroendby IF : AGF 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Nordsjaelland33215749:2268
2FC Koebenhavn33199555:2666
3FC Midtjylland33177950:4058
4AC Horsens331761053:3957
9Broendby IF33991535:4636
12HB Koege33472232:7119
 champions league champions league   champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1FC Nordsjaelland17123229:939
2FC Koebenhavn17115130:1238
3FC Midtjylland17103426:1833
4AC Horsens1693428:1730
6Broendby IF1775523:2026
12HB Koege16241018:3810
1FC Nordsjaelland1692520:1329
2FC Koebenhavn1684425:1428
3AC Horsens1783625:2227
4FC Midtjylland1674524:2225
11Broendby IF16241012:2610
12HB Koege17231214:339

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Nordsjaelland54107:013
2AC Horsens540111:512
3FC Midtjylland53117:410
9FC Koebenhavn51225:65
11Broendby IF51044:103
12HB Koege50144:101

1FC Nordsjaelland541011:413
2AC Horsens541012:213
3FC Koebenhavn541011:413
4FC Midtjylland53208:411
9Broendby IF52125:67
12HB Koege51135:134
1FC Nordsjaelland53116:210
2FC Midtjylland53118:410
4AC Horsens52034:76
6FC Koebenhavn51227:45
11Broendby IF50144:121
12HB Koege50143:81